This is Mercury.

It is a VPN server located in Melbourne, Australia. It helps people to bypass censorship and firewalls.


VPN in Australia. Fast speeds, secure connection.

TorVPN provides SSH, PPTP and OpenVPN connectivity on very fast servers.

With a VPN you can...

  • Watch Netflix, Hulu, any geographically restricted content
  • Bypass IP or network based restrictions by websites
  • Protect your data while on public Wi-Fi networks
  • Access adult sites, video content and streams
  • Hide your IP address from websites and hackers
  • Unblock Facebook if Facebook is blocked
  • Surf the web anonymously

TorVPN offers free VPN access. Set it up in minutes and try it.

TorVPN has an automatically updated proxy list too.

Transparent access through TOR under a VPN layer for anonymous browsing and accessing .onion sites?